Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We’ve come a long way….

I just wanted to throw up some pictures, I haven’t added many write-ups of the projects as I have been doing them, but I have been taking pictures.


Kitchen before and after20140320_135808

Tiling the entry way


Tiled bathroom and bamboo flooring in the hall


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tile project day one

After the first day the foyer is almost done, day 2 will be the hall and kitchen

Thursday, November 14, 2013

A new doorway...and more bamboo flooring...

So we decided that we wanted to open up the wall into the larger living from....here is it framed in, and after we got some flooring down..

Monday, October 28, 2013

Building a mini brewery

While renovating the house I am also building a small home brew operation (17gal capacity or 1/2 bbl in brew lingo) Here is a shot of the whole set up and the Duda Diesel chiller we're using, i'll add some more pics shortly.

First weekends results, 15 gal double IPA and 5 gal oatmeal+chocolate stout

updated 11/14/13 with pics of bottling the first batches, ended up with 6.5 cases of bombers (22 oz) 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Replacing a window is never as easy as you think it will be

Here is the starting point, a small window that I would like to replace with a larger one before I remodel the kitchen. Easy right?
It is never as simple as you think....the original window is 36 x 24, I want to go to a 36 x 36 replacement, not a huge change but it will make a difference. So lets get into the wall and see what we're dealing with beside the outlets which will have to move.

Of course, plumbing! This vertical piece of PVC lies right in the path of the planned right edge of my new window, so my options are to move it, or to move the window. Before we go cutting into this pipe lets see whats on the left side.
After taking down the cabinet on the left and removing a little drywall I see we are clear of plumbing on this side, so to make things easier, I'll just shift my new rough opening to the left a little and avoid touching the plumbing or electrical on the right side. Since I'm remodeling the whole kitchen anyway, this little change wont matter.
Next we need to move the studs, replace the header with a longer one and relocate the electrical on the left side. I enlarged the opening a little and removed the insulation.

I then removed the outlet from the stud and exposed the header above the opening. Why is there a 2 x 10 header over what was a 24" opening? It's over kill but not a big deal, did require I go buy some 2x10 which was a minor pain though. Here is the header exposed and the studs on the left removed.

Replacing a window - Part 2

Start over with Part 1

So now that we have the opening restructured on the inside, we are ready to cut back the vinyl siding and trim on the outside, and then enlarge the rough opening. Here is where we are currently inside:
So lets go outside and start to remove the trim. Vinyl trim is usually nailed under the siding, and clipped into a retainer along the window, it helped that i pounded the nails out from the inside first. Be gentle when bending the siding, it's flexible, but it will break if you go too far.
so I have saved the house wrap as best I could and removed the trim, then cut back the siding on the left here. The next step is to do the same thing on the right side

Now our structure is done, the siding is removed, the electrical has been moved, everything is ready to cut the new rough opening...grab the sawz all and...